The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears.

Many, many years ago, I spent time in Ireland with family friends on their farm. One of my most vivid memories of that holiday was being persuaded by the kids to ride a pony which ended in a bruise from my hip almost to my big toe! As a consequence, although I’ve always been entranced by their beauty and strength, it also left me slightly wary of horses of any shape or size. Time however is a great healer and I did eventually find the motivation to get back in the saddle and pony trek once or twice over the ensuing years.  So when Luisa asked if I wanted to join her on an event a few months ago with Dolbadarn Film Horses, I decided to give it a go (see my previous blog here for more details of that event) and I loved it!

This weekend saw me attend my third DFH event and I’m delighted to say it did not disappoint! Dylan and his team, this time comprising Dylan himself (dressed as a bishop? knight? you decide!), Molly and a new addition to the team, Jasmine, made sure of that.

This time was particularly nice as I had great company, my friend Gail came with me armed with her Olympus and the words of husband Tim ringing in her ears (have a great time and take lots of photographs!!). The day as always started at the Dolbadarn Hotel in Llanberis, run by Dylan’s family,  with tea & coffee (and biscuits) on arrival and time to say hello to friends (Sharon, Ann, Jackie, George and Sue) and make new ones (Amanda, Steve, Steve and Sheila) whilst the team was getting ready.

MUA Niamh Swindells joined us again and worked her magic on Molly and Jas and ensured the girls looked their fabulous best in the morning session and again in the afternoon, to the point where Sharon, Amanda, Jackie, Gail and I seriously thought about jumping in her chair too! Needless to say Dylan needed no improvement!

I said it last time, and I’m going to say it again, the mutual trust, respect and love between horse and handler is just wonderful, it gives me goosebumps, and I think it is absolutely fair to say that the bond between them is a two way street and is very special and I hope you see that in the images we made.

So, before I share some of my favourite images from the day, it’s only fair to have a short roll of honour:

  • Dylan – can wear practically anything and still look cool (well almost!) and adores the legand that is Diablo (actually, he adores all his horses and loves his team).
  • Molly – always elegant and in tune with her equine companions (Valmorim and Harley)
  • Jasmine – the newest member of the team who brings a new dimension to the team’s already impressive skillset (especially her aerial/silk skills) and who clearly has an affinity with Odysseus

Missing in action, but absolutely expected at future events:- Amie, who had to take care of her poorly canine Taran and of course, Marc (Darcy) Howland who was away working – it’s fair to say that the regular attendees missed you both enormously and look forward to seeing you some time soon.

Two more special mentions must go to Luisa Jones of Just Jones Photography (who must now have a costume store to rival the RSC!)  who arranged the days, and Dylan’s family at the Dolbadarn Hotel in Llanberis who made us all feel incredibly welcome.

Anyways, enough chat, here are some of my favourite images from another brilliant day…

I have lots more images to work through, so don’t forget to take a look at my FB page Tracy Edwards Photography if you want to see more!

Until next time…

Tracy xx

P.S. As for the title of this blog, it’s an unknown Arabian proverb, but I’m sure my equine friends can relate x





respect, trust, kindness and a lot of love between the riders and their horses,
respect, trust, kindness and a lot of love between the riders and their horses,



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