Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort

Franklin D Roosevelt’s quote was never more apt today as I stepped outside of my comfort zone and I experienced both!

I’ve been a subscriber to PurplePort for a couple of years, but it’s fair to say I’m not the greatest user of this intriguing resource for creatives.  More often than not, I forget about it until I get an e-mail reminder from the ‘purplebot’ when I am prompted to log in and I marvel at the wonderful images being made all around the world.

However a couple of weeks ago, I received a notification that someone liked my images enough to get in touch and ask if I would work with her.  I was flattered, but somewhat apprehensive, my previous experience of working with an unknown model was not a great success…in fact she never turned up, and it rather put me off trying again, but as I chatted with the young lady in question I felt sure that this would be worth trying again and we agreed a date when we could get together.

On arrival, I was met by Amy, pretty, tall, and willowy with vivid eye make-up and hair bunches who immediately welcomed me into her small garage where we were going to shoot.  Together with Amy’s Nan, the three of us set about ensuring her fitness pole was straight – no easy task I can assure you, but after a few minutes of ‘left a bit, right a bit’ we managed it. Just to be sure, Amy’s Mum appeared with a spirit level and it was spot on, I always knew a photographers’ eye for a straight line would come in handy one day!

Now the space we were working in was compact and bijou to say the least…I reckon it was no more than 12 feet in length, but with a bit of perseverance on my part and professional refinement from Amy I think we have created some fun images.  I would however like to try another photo-shoot with Amy in a larger location to allow her to get really creative with her shapes!

One of Amy’s objectives for the shoot was to get some images of the fitness clothing she wears when she’s doing her thing.  The t-shirts and teeny tiny shorts were provided by one of her friends,  a designer who goes by the name of Aerialist Boutique and I have to say I loved the t-shirts, especially the black one…it says:


An acrobat who performs feats in the air on a pole, aerial hoop, aerial silks or trapeze

See also: badass


I tried a little more creativity with a single gridded softbox and really like this one



Amy then asked if I would take some photographs of her using her silk hammock using a nearby location, I was very surprised when after a short walk she rigged the fabric up on a horizontal branch and proceeded to produce some very impressive poses indeed!  We are already thinking about another photoshoot of this nature for the future.


Today I met a lovely, smart young woman whose strength and passion for life left me in no doubt that she will be a great success when she goes to University later this summer, but before she does, I’m hoping we can squeeze another creative photoshoot in – I’ll be waiting!

Until next time

Tracy xx

P.S. As always these days, all images were made using my beloved Fuji XT1, this time paired with my recently repaired 16-55mm – I’m happy to say it worked a treat.


About te761086

I'm a qualified professional part-time photographer living in the UK. My passion is people photography but I'm always happy to learn about new techniques. I've recently made the transition from DSLR to a mirror-less system from FUJI and have a renewed zest for my photography.
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