Reform Couture…now that’s conceptual design.

Sometimes, now and again, we photographers get asked to photograph something a little unusual…and so it was that I found myself working with a talented and generous Tim Charlesworth of Bont Photography one Monday evening in early June.  Our brief was to capture the Reform Couture design collection by Sammie Jones, marking her end of term assignment before she heads off to university in Manchester later this year.
Having bumped into Sammie one afternoon (whilst shooting bluebells) she was very animated to tell me she and Tim would be shooting her designs in a local quarry just up the road from where I live.  A short discussion with Sammie ensued, and following a cheeky text to Tim, I was also on board for what turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding evening shoots I’ve been involved in.   The brief was very clear, Sammie wanted images of her designs for her portfolio and to use in the end of term fashion show, her idea being they would be projected behind her designs as they came down the catwalk.
So it was at 7.00pm I met Tim by the quarry gate and we waited for Sammie and her pals Georgia and Jaime (who had been persuaded to model two of the three pieces) to arrive.  Tim and I had a quick scout around and agreed that the rather sparse and barren landscape was a perfect location for a fashion shoot and as we wandered back to the cars, we saw the girls had arrived.  Now, Sammie owns one of the dinkiest of cars on the road – a Fiat 500 – and I couldn’t believe what she managed to extract from the boot and the back seat…it was just like Dr. Who’s Tardis!
So there we were, each of the girls dressed in a conceptual piece of design, based on the themes of Collision, Destruction and Separation.  The designs were simply amazing, Sammie’s interpretation of the concept using reclaimed materials called for powerful poses and strong expressions…I think we got them all!
Sammie Fashion-1 Sammie Fashion-6 Sammie Fashion-4
The natural light was a sensation, late evening sunshine and hazy cloud made for lovely lighting conditions, allowing Tim and I to use a little creative backlight and flare on occasion.
Sammie Fashion-11 copy Sammie Fashion-13 copy Sammie Fashion-5 Sammie Fashion-2 copy
As the sun dipped behind the hills, we turned our efforts to capturing more dramatic images using off camera flash…
Sammie Fashion-13 copy Sammie Fashion-14
This evening shoot was not without it’s moments of mirth, Georgia deserves and award for paddling with the tadpoles, but I love the concentric rings in the water, so it was worth having her toes nibbled! The girls wore the highest heels ever…and consequently were like Cinderella trying them on to see if they fitted! I even sneaked a shot of ‘Mario’ Charlesworth in action!  Another honourable mention to Georgia who ran home down the road part dressed as Sammie struggled to re-pack the Tardis!   It would also be very remiss of my not to mention that this was Jaime’s first time in front of a camera…and she was great!
Sammie Fashion-15
Sammie Fashion-12 copy Sammie Fashion-11 copy Sammie Fashion-9 copy Sammie Fashion-7 copy
I loved every minute of this shoot, and I feel privileged to have contributed in some small way to Sammie’s success.  I wasn’t able to attend the fashion show, but I saw Tim’s images and know from Sammie that it went down a storm. And I love all the images Tim and I produced through what was a most enjoyable photo-collaboration.
Might there be another collaboration on the cards – I think so – don’t you?!
Until next time
Tracy xx

About te761086

I have loved photography since I was given a camera almost 50 years ago. I no longer shoot commercially, I just enjoy this wonderful medium.
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