Stop for a moment and close your eyes…you can almost hear the train approaching…

Step back in time and imagine if you can the hustle and bustle all around you, baggage scales clanging in the booking office, passengers purchasing tickets and the hiss of the steam engine as it pulled into the station.

BLog 1 50s Shoot 05-01-13 (19 of 4) copy

Hadlow Road station was part of the Birkenhead Railway, owned by GWR and LNWR and was built in 1866 on the branch line from Hooton to Parkgate. Sadly the increase in cars and better roads saw the closure of the line to the public in the early 1950s before finally closing in 1962.

After weeks of chatting and scouring of e-bay for suitable props, Rachel and I were there to inject a little nostalgia back into this charming location.  As Rachel and I pulled into the car park, it brought memories flooding back for me as I grew up just yards from the station (long after it had closed before anyone asks!).

It was just 10.30am as we arrived so there were not too many people around as we wandered and looked for the good locations and light.  A winning combination of warm early-ish(!) morning sunlight, a hint of mist in the air and blue sky gave me a good feeling about my first styled photo-shoot.

A seed of an idea had buzzed inside my head for several weeks after a night out with friends to watch the musical 42nd Street, and Rachel, as a dancer was the natural choice as my model.  The idea quickly evolved from a 30s to a 50s inspired shoot and the station seemed the perfect place to bring it all together.

Blog 3

Rachel emerged from the ‘facilities’ looking every inch a 50s chick! And our story of a young woman stepping out on her travels certainly fired the imagination judging by the comments from all the ramblers, cyclists and visitors throughout the morning who complimented Rachel on how well her stylish apparel matched her surroundings.

Blog 4

One of the greatest rewards for me in the last few months has been to see how at ease and confident Rachel has become in front of the camera in such a short space of time. She possesses grace, good humour and a natural charm, is great company and our collaborative efforts are definitely paying off for both of us.

Blog 2

In comparison to many, this photo-shoot was styled on a shoestring budget but it was carefully thought out. The dress – new from e-Bay , the suitcase a real bargain from a local antique centre, shoes – Rachel’s own, a string of pearls 50p and ‘shades’ also 50p from a well-known fashion store beginning with ‘P’, my jacket and black leather gloves (a necessity to hide the brightest blue nail polish I  have ever seen!) – total spend less than £20.

50s Shoot 05-01-13 (1 of 1)

Was it worth it?  I think so.  Will I do more styled photo-shoots in the future? You bet!

Blog 5

Until next time

Tracy  x

P.S. – Just click on the pics if you want to see them larger 🙂









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